oisan Architects welcomes you.

The masterful coming together of past, present and future is the trademark of Moisan Architects.

The firm specializes in traditional, residential architecture, and uses its unique ability to translate classical architecture to the present day to create design solutions with historic integrity, present-day practicality, and future relevance.

The firm's tremendous success can be traced to its three guiding principals:

  • A passion for design excellence— Moisan Architects enjoys a large stable of repeat clients and has been recognized in numerous design publications and by professional organizations for its creative adaptation of art in architecture. Excellence in design has been expressed in many different architectural styles ranging from Early American to Neo-Classical works.

  • Attention to detail— Translating classical architecture to the present day demands a higher level of detail, and it is this very level of detail that sets Moisan Architects apart.

  • The belief that the client's needs, rather then the architect's ego must guide the design process— The primary goal of the firm is to produce an architectural product that satisfies each client's aesthetic, fiscal and programmatic requirements. It is the firm's belief that a successful project can only result from a consistent, professional design process that combines a project's program, site, style vernacular and client's input into an individualized design solution.

Since the firm's inception in 1988, Moisan Architects' artistic approach to architecture, coupled with it's strict attention to detail has delivered every client a masterpiece of form and function.

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